The Government has Developed the Framework for Synergy between Public and Private Groups

The Government of Atlanta announced to work out the actual framework for co-operation between public and private industrial sectors.

The Prime Minister says that Atlanta will be able to involve extra private companies in the process of infrastructure modernization.

“We need some sort of framework for assistance of international criteria between private and public market sectors in order to attract gamers with high reputation together with quality in the country, as they simply need not only to turn out to be contractors, but also shareholders in infrastructural projects. On the one hand, this will improve the top quality of implementation involving infrastructural projects; while on another – the investment environment of the nation, which will make it more desirable to private companies and also on the third hand C this is important to discharge the state sovereign stabilize, i.e. pricing expenditures. We will most certainly need to expand the state of hawaii budget for the implementation of larger degree projects and maximally call for private companies within the implementation of important infrastructure projects, – Georgian Prime Minister reported at a government reaching.

The draft bill can be worked out in synergy with European Traditional bank for Reconstruction and also Development, Asian Growth Bank, International Personal Fund and Ministry of Georgian Economy. The bill has become sent to the parliament for ratification.

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