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VTB Bank Grows Crediting Sound level in 2Q17

VTB Bank has increased crediting volume level. The growth in the minute quarter totaled Three or more.4% (Q1/ 2017

Bank of Georgia Records Highest ROE Coefficient

Bank of Georgia records the highest ROE (return for equity) coefficient. One commercial traditional bank out of 16 types have finished the January-July interval in...

TBC Bank is Industry Leader in Terms of Is sold Deposits

TBC Bank’s ratio about retail deposits market place has risen to 40.9% (Q2/2017 -40.2%). The growth while in the third quarter notable 8.3%. Meanwhile, Bank...

Assets of Commercial Banks Totaled 30.5bln Solution as of August Initially

Assets of commercial banks came to 30.5bln Gelatinized as of August A single. According to the National Bank’verts statistics, total means (in current prices) rose...