Sigma Technology & Solutions Introduces VESTUS, Georgias First Nano-Tech Construction Item

Sigma Technology & Solutions features VESTUS innovative product. In a special event, the company reps talked about the products importance, its special qualities and simplicity of? employ.

Representatives of Ministries, Tbilisi City Room, diplomatic corp and Georgia-based commerce chambers, banking sector and repair companies, gurus and other interested our bodies have attended the particular presentation.

VESTUS is a thermo, hydro along with anti-corrosive innovative nano-tech product that lacks the analogue in Georgia and also the neighboring countries. This device was created through Their astronauts technologies. It is a heat-insulating content and is used as the thermo barrier. Its major characteristics are: convenience in installation, reduced price and long-term exploitation, Giorgi Tsintsadze, co-founder and leader director of Sigma Technology & Solutions, noted.

The function participants also described necessity of use of VESTUS, the main Georgian nano-tech construction product? regarding facades, safety of complexes, in construction procedure, installation of various components and pipelines.

Tbilisi Vice Gran Irakli Lekvinadze positively appraised this enterprise inauguration and mentioned:? ?This is a very important actuality, but it is a more significant event, when a business is based on innovative engineering and it has exports potential also. At the same time, a new organization creates new job destinations and state budget geneva chamonix transfers also grow?.

The corporation manufactures a new product with Georgia and also enjoys exclusive rights pertaining to exports to the neighboring countries. As to products, it is often created by a special formulation. It is important that? heat-insulating surface and also structure are different. This is often nano technology C small-sized micro-spheres of varied materials, including a glass, ceramic aluminum etc that are mixed with stabilizers and it’s subject to stretching along with resilience.

At a glance, it’s actually a paint, but thanks to pigmentation, it may be made use of as the last covering – hydrobonder. The products advantage comprises in its simplicity which offers at least 16-year guarantee involving? a building shape. For the first time, VESTUS was used by way of the American on the Celestial satellite, for landing its own device. Even today the product is used for addressing spacecrafts. It is thick, nevertheless light, at the same time.

?It is very important that the new business is entering Georgian market that manufactures energy successful nano-tech construction material. The following factor will boost environment protection principles and green small business development in the country?, Ekaterine Bendeliani, venture of PR unit of Ministry of Natural environment Protection, said.

The speech ended by results of musicians Nino Katamadze as well as Sasha Freed.

Sigma Technology&Solutions was founded by Georgian capital and has now been operating for countless years. The company is focused on imports and organization of construction technologies on Georgian market. This makes investments domestically and will not violate energy safe practices norms in the country.

Only excess class raw materials widely-used in production that satisfy international standards.

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