IPM: 55 000 Individuals of Georgia Enjoyed Visa-free Regime with European, 77 Ones Removed


Georgian media agencies positively cover the improvements after visa regimen liberalization. Tourists flow features significantly intensified into the countries covered by the work permit regime liberalization agreement.

Namely, a lot more than 55 000 locals have enjoyed any visa-free regime agreement programs during 3 months, IPM press monitoring and investigate company reports.

According so that you can National Bank connected with Georgia (NBG), Georgia-issued payment cards have processed 112mln GEL transactions in overseas countries. This is a track record figure and is much greater than the 2016 indicators simply by 30%.

Starting March 28, 2017, greater than 55 000 people of Georgia applied visa-free regime with American. Only 3 1,000 of them have not given back to the country.

According to be able to statistics, a total of 5 911 citizens applied for passports since Goal 28, up 42% every year.

After visa regime liberalization,? the amount of Georgian citizens visiting The european countries has risen included in summer vacation blueprints. Along with a growing wide variety of passengers, prices for air tickets together with travel packages have also increased by 15-20%, as compared to the earlier year.

More than Twenty-five? 000 persons own enjoyed visa free of charge? regime with the Schengen region that unites 31 countries, while Seventy seven citizens of Ga were subjected to readmission.

The subject of Visa Liberalization had been covered in 1421 information items in the period for March 28-July, IPM media watching and research enterprise reports.