Georgian Harvard Graduate Primary Kazakhstan Bank

Mikheil Lomtadze leads ”Kazakhstan Bank” since 2009. The Chief Executive Official has introduced innovative ecosystems long time ago,which allows complaintant to pay taxes, invest in products at online-stores, compare costs and benefit dedication programs.

According to the bank’utes information,nowadays Kaspi program has 20% of non-food products and solutions, while the bank has got the largest number of non-corporate buyers in the country.

”We had an easy to use aim at the beginning-to be the largest bank throughout retail customer’s path. Then, we understood, we wanted to design large and profitable company but as prominently to establish a company which will change people’s resides. We saw people lining to pay taxes therefore we decided to simplify using this method by offering online transaction system.

Mikheil Lomtadze got within ”Kazakhstan Bank” through his Investment Company who procured ”Caspian Bank” in 2006. The former group companion from Harvard College or university offered him this chance, he traveled around Kazakhstan and found out that it could be the place to take career path on.

There was obviously a crisis in 2008. There was a need associated with quick and sharp remedy which was Mikheil to become President.

”As for, online-store, idea surfaced based on my encounter: I wanted to purchase notebook in the store, exactly where they told me to go back tomorrow to get 10% away discount. I traveled to the store but which will model was sold-out. It took me time to determine what I need in one more shop. That’s so why we created online-store to purchase any goods along with save your time.”-says Mikheil Lomtadze.

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