Georgian Aircraft Factory to acquire Boeing Certification in 2018

Partnership Fund and Israel Enterprise Elbit Cyclone joint project, developing aircraft factory influences active phase. In accordance with Partnership Fund, at the moment, the project detailed style is completed as well as groundwork of specifications involving machines and products and negotiations together with distributors. At the end of a few days, excavation process will be finished and factory establishing construction will be launched.?

The construction process insisted of three stages. According to the plan, the development and providing the production line with necessary machines will continue until 2017 plus the process of Boeing factory qualifications should be over in Sept, 2018.?

“Modern, high conventional equipment was preferred by Elbit Cyclone qualified pros and it has already been ordered for the factory. A preparation of authorities has already been launched which include training in the field of airplane production and it arises in Israel.

The potential consumers that use the factory production is going to be big companies inside aviation industry which include Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and etc. 100% involving factory production will be oriented for transfer. Factory will start creating its products throughout 2018. At the construction will work of the factory, up to 100 people will be used. In the end, 85 mil USD project will certainly employ 200 local people.

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