Georgia and Uk Start Working on Protecting Free Trade Strategy

Genadi Arveladze, Deputy Minister of Economy of Georgia, includes met with Sara Kroft, key negotiator of Great Britain using Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

After a Brexit, Great Britain has faced necessity that EU-signed world-wide agreements be transferred to bilateral format, especially, special regard is paid to saving the deal trade regime using partner countries.

At your meeting the gatherings discussed the methods this ensure painless rendering of this process either way Georgia and England.

The parties expressed purpose and readiness for you to retain the level of bilateral interaction determined by Georgia-EU association understanding, including as part of Full and Comprehensive Totally free Trade Area (DCFTA) settlement.

It is worth noting exceptional Britain plans to maintain similar consultations to countries of the Spot too. The go to of Sara Kroft to Ga is a part of this process.

At this meeting the gatherings decided to start techie consultations for trying to keep free trade strategy.

It should be also known that on April 23-24 of 2017 London will probably host the fourth achieving of Wardrop Strategic Discussion as part of Georgia-Britain political structure and the parties continues the dialogue all around signing bilateral agreements.

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