First Georgian Juice That is generated by Innovative Technologies to show up on Market

On March 14 initial Georgian natural juice Chero looks in retail multi-level. The juice is reached by use of aseptic technology.

The project value is concerning 25 million Serum. It was implemented through Georgian Beer Company as an element of Produce in Ga state program. Aseptic line is unprecedented for the district.

Innovative plant of healthy juice is equipped by means of ultramodern technologies that enable to produce top-quality competitive Georgian product. During the project, additional 100 job places are meant at Zedazeni and a completely new place of economic activity was created.

The plant is capable of manufacture triple even more products, but in the primary year only Millions of liters will be produced equally for domestic and exports areas.

The company plans to move products to US, European union and CIS markets. The corporation plans to cooperate together with international trade systems. New production lines are an additional platform designed for budget transfers for the next year

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