Beeline Recommends the Government to open up the Corporate Market

“Beeline” (LLC Mobitel) protests change involving corporate procurement circumstances of mobile system for the state companies.

According to the company, this service procurement the weather is corrected so that “Beeline” still can’t meet them.

“It is often prompted to cover 55% of the country’s territory by 3G network. Beeline contains 50% now and the enterprise will overcome the new parameter within 3 months. Additionally, price is also greater by the tender”, – the companys report said.

Beeline wants this company market open as well as the state department will certainly choose the operator itself – “when the more space is actually open, it will advantage of all – the consumer, their state and three operators”.

To help remind, only Beeline submitted estimate on corporate expertise of state firms in the tender reported on January 26-30. Having said that, the company was conference all the requirements requested by the tender. But the tender was announced as failed along with the company had been disqualified.

The enterprise filed a satisfy at the Civil Court docket. However, the painful has been announced anew on March Seventeen-year-old before the discussion.

“Beeline” has got pointed on the duopoly on the market repeatedly, that isn’t shared by GeoCell as well as director of the company has called about the competitor from the press to the increase the insurance policy coverage area, so it “could participate in the tenders.”

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