Average Salaries in Business Sector Rose to 1130.4 GEL around Q4

In the fourth quarter connected with 2016 averaged salaries in business sector made up 1130.4 Solution, up 85.8-10 GEL year on year, together with salaries for females made-up 819 GEL, up 66.1 GEL year on year.

According to Geostat, the national figures Service of Ga, averaged salaries are as follows:

  • Major home business C 1268.5 GEL
  • Medium business C 1110 GEL
  • Small Organization C 646.6 GEL

In the fourth fraction of 2016 the ratio of deal sector in business industry turnover structure constructed 47.5% (including cars, household products and personal items). Processing industry rates high second with 11% proportion. Housing sector is definitely third with Hunting for.8%. Transport and marketing communications rank fourth using 78.7% and other job areas C 23%.

In the fourth quarter regarding 2016 the ratio of industry field in business sector outcome marked 21.3%. Real estate and commerce sectors ranked second as well as third with 21.8% and 17.1% respectively. Transport and devices sector C 12.6%; real-estate, leasing transactions and services C 9.5%; ratio of all other career fields C 19.7%.

In the fourth 1 fourth the ratio of trading area, processing and advancement sector in total wide variety of employees made up 25.5%, 13.8% and 13.4% respectively.

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